September 25th - 29th, 2018

About Venice

“Venice seduces, Venice irritates, but Venice rarely disappoints, the golden fairy-tale city floating on the sea”. Venice is one of the most famous and loved city in the world. This thanks its wonderful monuments, art and history. But mostly thanks its reflecting in the canals and rii, with its churches, palaces scattered all over the small islands in the lagoon.

The venetian lagoon was inhabited from the V sec. d.C., where the mainland population took refuge during the barbarian invasions. There the population kept increasing and livening up the famous Serenissima Republic of Venice. In this period,X-XI sec., Venice lived the most splendid moment, thanks its perfect position became the most important trading center and had the monopoly of all the commercial traffics. At this moment the building activities took on a further impetus: the most beautiful churches, the most luxury palaces and monuments were erected; many sculptors, painters and architects gave their contribution and made the wonders that we can admire now.

The discover of the ocean routes to the Indies, from the XV sec., started the decline of the Republic as a supreme power. The city ramined indipendent until 1797, in this year it joined to the Regno Longobardo-Veneto and then was given to the Austrians. In 1866 Venice was finally reunited with Italy.


How to get to Venice

Venice is located in the North-East of Italy and it is very easy to reach from everywhere, no matter which means of transport you have chosen. In fact the city is directly  served by railway, airport – connected to aver 100 international destinations in 4 continents  - and tourist port. There is also a regional and inter-regional public bus line terminal, and a private car terminal.

Venice is linked to the mainland by a system of connections consisting of seven terminals:

TRONCHETTO, PIAZZALE ROMA and the RAILWAY STATION inside the city; FUSINA, LIDO (CHIOGGIA), PUNTA SABBIONI and the AIRPORT outside the city.  The eighth, only by water, is the terminal Marittima with the cruise station.

Arriving in Venice by plane – Marco Polo Airport

venice by planeThe “Marco Polo” International Airport in Tessera, third in Italy for scheduled passengers, contributes to the centrality of Venice within Europe; every week more than a 1000 scheduled flights and 122 international destination link Venice to the main European cities www.veniceairport.it

Marco Polo Airport is at about 12 km from Venice, and is connected to the city by the ACTV and ATVO bus routes and by taxis, by land, by the Alilaguna motorboats and by water taxis, by sea. Moving by land from Marco Polo Airport to reach the historical city centre of Venice, you arrive in Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal and the point of arrival for whoever wants to visit the city coming by car, a sort of last outpost of the mainland.

In fact, from Piazzale Roma you can continue only on foot, or with the ACTV water buses, or by water taxi. In Venice you can’t go by car!

There is an ACTV public bus service from Marco Polo Airport in Tessera to Venice, Piazzale Roma bus terminal, and to the centre of Mestre.

Bus to Venice:

To reach Venice by public bus you can take Line 5-AeroBus, which takes about 20 minutes to reach Piazzale Roma, one of the main Venice tourist terminals, where the ACTV public boat lines travel to the centre of Venice.

The Line 5-AeroBus leaves from the bus stop a few meters outside the exit of the arrivals lounge in the airport (Exit B).

For more information on the ACTV public transport timetables and ticket prices got to www.actv.it

Arriving in Venice by train – Santa Lucia train station

venice by trainThe ACTV boat landings are about 50 meters from the station exit.

On the right there is the “S. Lucia” landing stage (marked with letter “E”), where the line 1, after travelling along the Grand Canal and through the S. Mark’s Basin ends its journey on Venice Lido. The journey on Line 1 takes about one hour.

From the nearby landing stage “D”, the circular lines 4.1, 5.1 (via the Giudecca Canal) and 3 leave all for Murano.

To the left you can find the Scalzi landing stages (marked with letters “B” and “C”), where line 2 leaves from.
From landing stage “B”, the line travels along the Grand Canal towards Rialto and S. Mark’s, and then goes to Lido during the summer (from 00:12 to 04:52 there is the night service, marked with letter N in front of the number).

From landing stage “C”, the line travels along the Giudecca Canal and then goes to St. Mark’s/S. Zaccaria (from 00:07 to 04:47 there is the night “N” service).

Finally, from the nearby “Bar Roma” rail landing stage, marked with letter “A”, the circular lines 4.2, 5.2 and 3 leave, and travel to various parts of the town through to the island of Murano (where the 4.1 line can be taken to go to Burano, Torcello and Sant’Erasmo) and finally the 5.2 line travels to the Lido.

Arriving in Venice by car – Piazzale Roma

venice by carAVM Car Park – City garage

With 2,182 car spaces and 180 motorcycle spaces (arranged on 6 levels, with 10 parking rooms and 2 terraces) Autorimessa Comunale A.V.M. S.p.A. is undoubtedly the most spacious car park of Piazzale Roma (the car/bus terminal which is the easiest gateway to the Venice city centre). The Garage is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In 1998 the facility was completely renovated and equipped with an automated access system.

Anyone driving to Venice, who parks the car in Piazzale Roma, can easily reach the ACTV landing stages in just a few minutes on foot, and take the main lines go to the principal destinations in Venice, both via the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal, and also the circular lines around the outskirts of the town.

The Piazzale Roma landing stages are along the quay at the foot of the Ponte della Costituzione.

From the “S. Chiara” landing stage (marked with letter “E”) you can catch Line 2 for S. Mark’s via Giudecca (from 00:10 to 04:50 the night N service runs), and from the adjacent “D” landing stage Line 2 leaves along the Grand Canal towards Rialto and S. Mark’s (in the summer, it continues to the Lido). From 00:09 to 04:49 there is the night N service.

The lines 4.1, 5.1 and 6 leave (all along the Giudecca Canal) from the “Parisi” landing stage (marked with letter “C”), and from landing stage “B” line 1 (which goes to the Lido, and takes about one hour).

From the "Scomenzera" landing stage (marked with letter “A”), lines 3 (direct service) and 4.2 go to Murano and 5.2 to the Lido.








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